Ningxia Night Market‧Lane Pavilion Joint
  • Lane Pavilion Joint is located in Ningxia Night Market, Taipei. The store has been running business for 20 years and provides an array of flavorful items, such as miso soup, sashimi, sushi, Japanese side dishes, etc. The owner has been to Japan taking culinary lessons. He would like to provide great quality of ingredients and clean surroundings for customers. There are both indoor and outdoor seats for you to choose from. The outdoor seats will make you feel like situating in Japan. The cozy and exotic ambiance will leave you unforgettable memory.
  • Feature of the Store

    Different from ordinary Japanese eateries, you can fetch your own dishes by yourself. The special dining experience is loved by customers.
  • Sashimi

    The key to delectable sashimi lies in whether it is fresh or not. All of the sashimi in the store is purchased early in the morning every day. The fish is frozen under low temperature during the whole delivery progress.
  • Sushi

    The process of making sushi is very demanding and time-consuming. You can savor different flavors of sushi in the store.
  • Oden

    The soup for oden is made with vegetable for hours. There is no MSG added during the process of making. The oden tastes even better with specially-made sauce.
  • Side Dishes

    There are numerous of side dishes in the joint for you to choose from, such as fruit salad, drunken shrimps, etc.
  • Prawn Salad

    The prawn salad has contained fresh prawn and specially-made potato mash. It is one of the most well-received dish in the store. The owner would like to provide tasty food, meanwhile extremely nutritious stuff for customers.
  • Information

    【Opening hours】1130-2130


    *Bean curd sushi NTD50
     Laver sushi NTD55
     Makizushi sushi NTD80
     Salmon sushi NTD150
     Assorted nigiri sushi NTD130
     Asparagus temaki sushi NTD 45
     Shrimp temaki sushi NTD 55
     Salmon egg temaki sushi NTD 90
     Salmon’s belly NTD 260
     Steamed egg NTD 40
     Sailfish sashimi NTD 180
     Assorted sashimi platter NTD 200
     Salmon sashimi NTD 230
     Prawn salad NTD 350
     Octopus salad NTD 130
     Mutton tripe salad NTD 130
     Clam cold dish NTD 100
     Stewed cabbage with scallop NTD 100
     Stewed mutton with Chinese herbals NTD 100(winter limited)
     Stewed chicken’s feet with mushroom NTD 100
     Sea urchin temaki sushi NTD 90
     Grilled salmon chin NTD 130
     Grilled Pacific saury NTD 90
     Grilled eel NTD 70
     Miso soup NTD 20
     Vegetarian mushroom soup NTD 100
     Pig tripe soup NTD 100
     Stewed pig’s tail with yam NTD 100
     Sakai NTD 100

    【Traffic information】
    *Zhingshan Station Exit No.1. Take Nanjing W. Rd. and head to the direction of Chengder Rd..
    *Take the bus to Yuanhuang Station:

    【Parking information】
    *Pong Lai Elementary School parking lot 
    *Zhaoyang public parking lot
    *Jian Chung Junior High School parking lot
    ※Indoor space is not available for smoking.

    ◎Chinese version:

    【Location】No.8, Ln. 250, Nanjing W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:02-25587258